Welcome to my miniature site, and thank you for dropping in! 

 My name is Sarah Brady. I am Dublin born, but living in Galway, Ireland.

I originally started painting models around early 2004. It was a lifetime interest, but sadly the money to support it did not appear until I was around 18 and was able to hold down an after college part time job. I began painting professionally in early 2010 and have since worked non stop to practice and improve on the more advanced painting techniques required to make models be truly eye catching. Realistic skin tones, correct colour balance, wetblending, fading, glazes, shadowing and many other techniques are now something I practice on all models, whether tabletop quality or showpiece, I try to make sure every piece I finish is something I can be proud of and something I have learned from.


Before I moved to Cork, I was well recognised in the Dublin gaming circuit as being a high standard painter, and worked many small commissions for friends or interested folk I met from wargaming. I have won a few small internal Games Workshop painting competitions, but have not yet had the opportunity to enter anything a tad more complex, mostly due to my location. I hope to remedy that soon!

 I have finally decided to start offering official commissions online. I believe this is another way to work on my skills while opening some fantastic professional opportunities, all the while allowing me to continue with the hobby I have come to love!

Now I will leave you to it, I hope you enjoy browsing the site, and some of my other models and commission pieces in the gallery. My Dakka Dakka painting blog will keep you up to date on commission work in progress, and it is updated very often!